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Welcome to John of God-Healing.

We came out to Abadiania with Adrienne, the best tour guide. If you need somebody good, Adrienne Grierson is the person to take you there. She gave us one hundred percent positive care. We will miss her dearly when we go home
Eddie and Mary Maguire
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who is john of god? book trip

Email your photos and details for Distant Healing, and they will go to John of God on Friday December 14th 2018 at 12.00pm pm EST [NY USA] time. Click left link image above to follow instructions. You can email up to 8am [EST] Friday December 14th

Next trip to John of God - February 10 - 23 2019
Call USA 917 512 2873 or UK 020 7193 5679

I do not cure anybody. God heals, and permits the Entities to heal and console my brothers. I am merely an instrument "
João Texeira de Faria - John of God

These are the entiites that will be helping you. There are many more, but these are some of the main ones.

Adrienne was fortunate in 2008 to have author Cash Peters in her group. He has just released this wonderful book about his time with John of God in Brazil. Available now and highly recommended.

A little book about believing: The Transformative Healing Power of Faith, Love, and Surrender - by Cash Peters.

'A remarkable first-hand exploration of the faith healing phenomenon.’ Brian Durie M.D.

Cash Peters

A little book about believing chronicles 12 days in the life of journalist Cash Peters, and several others, as they travel to the Casa and experience the phenomenal abilities of world-renowned faith healer John of God. But does spiritual healing really work? Can the loving power of our connection to the Divine be harnessed to fix the human body and ensure greater longevity? These questions and many more are answered in this unique and gripping book.

With a foreword by Dr. Jeffrey Rediger of Harvard Medical School, and filled with enlightening insights, Cash’s moving story takes us to a place where faith, love, and surrender become powerful tools for healing. In doing so, it plants seeds of renewed hope for those facing serious illness, while inviting the rest of us not to fear our health issues, but to embrace them as significant opportunities for learning and growth.

'A remarkable first-hand exploration of the faith healing phenomenon.’ Brian Durie M.D.

‘This is an important book because of the issues it raises....I highly recommend it.'
Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, Harvard Medical School

'Highly thought-provoking and compelling! An extraordinary book with a life-changing message!''
Andreas Moritz, author of Timeless Secrets of Health & Rejuvenation




News: Oprah Winfrey goes to Brazil to meet John of God.

Click the photo. If you use Google Chrome browser it will translate for you.



You can book a guided trip to see John of God. Watch videos of other groups who have come with Adrienne on one of these life changing experiences.Read Recommendations for Adrienne. See a three and a half minute excerpt of the ABC Primetime live show 'Who is John of God' which aired on February 10 2005. Watch videos of the Visible Surgeries and see Testimonials of peoples profound experiences.

Receive Distant Healing at home through the entities and John of God. Buy books and DVD's, including a DVD of what maybe the longest piece of translated footage showing John of God at work and in entity. Read written Testimonials of people who have received healing at the Casa de Dom Inacio as well as Testimonials about Distant Healing.

There is a brochure for you to print out about the trip and a newsletter to subscribe to if you want to keep up to date with what's been happening in Abadiania and Adrienne's groups. We have a lot of fun as well as healing, laughter is the best medicine! Learn about John of God and why he is fast becoming the most well known healer of the 21st century.

This site, through imagery and information, is designed to be as interactive as possible. People have reported healing simply through watching film of Johnof God and looking at pictures. So sit back, relax and tune in to John of God and the entities in Brazil and may you, through this web portal, begin to receive healing and blessings through John of God and all the entities, Jose Valdevino, Dr. Augusto Almeida, Bezerra de Menezes and Dom Inacio to name but a few.



dom inacio
Dom Inacio - St. Ignatius