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It was a wonderful experience having Adrienne as our guide to see John of God. Our group became extremely close and bonded because of the way Adrienne setup our journey. She was there for our every need and her outgoing and friendly personality, along with her insights and wisdom, greatly added to the awesome experience. I will highly recommend Adrienne to anyone wishing to visit John of God.
Portland OR



Adrienne's guidance through the various Brazilian sites we visited, and particularly at the Casa, was exceptional. She was there for me through each process, from helping me sort out my thoughts for my healing request, to advising me on Casa protocol; and when face-to-face with the Entity, she wrote down his feedback so I didn't have to think. I just had my healing. She was present when I had surgery, walked me out of the room, purchased my prescribed herbs, and then brought food to my room, checking on me during the recuperation period.

She is full of joie de vivre and fun, allowing people to be who they are without judgment. I found Adrienne to have unsurpassed compassion, which created a very big space for me (and others) to have the John of God healing. I recommend Adrienne as a Casa guide to anyone coming to Brazil to see John of God. I will certainly be joining her tour again in the near future!
Susan Strack,
Berkeley, CA

My acupuncturist, a spiritual lady in Bishop CA  urged myself and my lovely wife to go to Brazil for a John of God Healing Experience.  Her recommendation was Adrienne Grierson, and it was a great one. When the cancer started running, a spiritual answer seemed unreal, but became my greatest and my only hope and option. Adrienne Grierson proved to be the very best tour guide in this endeavor. The accommodations were all the best possible for Brazil. But most important, she shepherded our small group through the most spiritual experience of our lifetime.  Not only has our health outlook improved greatly, we feel spiritually uplifted, cleansed, and closer to God then we've ever felt. For anyone needing help, needing a loving, caring, fun, capable guide, we recommend Adrienne to help them along the path of love and healing.
Martin and Gayla Wolf,
Bishop, CA

If you are looking for a guide, there is probably no better than Adrienne. I strongly recommend her. She is very helpful and she took our hand and led us every step of the way.
Joseph and Tanya Shchedrovitsky
San Jose CA

I have now travelled to Abadiania and joined Adrienne groups five separate times over the last 4 years. This has opened the world to me in more ways than one. So when you are onto a good thing.......STICK TO IT!
Helena Sendor
London UK

No words can thank her enough for the most wonderful trip I have ever been on. It was everything I thought it would be and more. There canot be another guide that would embrace and entire group like they were family. Her grace and good humour exceeded any expectations.
Kathleen Johnson
Orlando FL USA

To have the support of a group and a guide such as Adrienne was probably the best experience I could have had. I wouldn't have like to have done this trip by myself. I have met a lot of people in our group from all over the world. I am happy to know everyone and look forward to coming back.
Steven Dimeo
Northern CA

Adrienne took such good care of us. We were like her children and she watched over us. She made is all so understandable because it's so confusing, what to do and the procedures and everything. She helped make it so much easier and I think anyone who comes for the first time really needs to come through her.
Anu Swamy
Franklin Park NJ

I thought Adrienne was wonderful, striking a harmony of taking care of all the details so that we could focus on our healing and that was really important to me on this trip. She gave us enough space to have privacy and downtime and also extended invitations to come out into the world of Brazil . So it was the best of a lot of worlds. It is a great introduction, and if you are physically limited in some ways going with guides is a really good experience. No matter where you are in your healing process I would highly recommend Adrienne.
Seth Watson
Boulder CO

We came out to Abadiania with Adrienne, the best tour guide. If you need somebody good, Adrienne Grierson is the person to take you there. She gave us one hundred percent positive care.
We will miss her dearly when we go home.
Eddie and Mary Maguire
Granaro Co. Longford