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Why visit the Casa de Dom Inacio?

Well, there are no guarantees from going to the Casa, yet all people seem to benefit in some way. At the Casa, and through the entities, anything is possible. One man was clinically dead for 5 hours and is now alive to tell. He visits the Casa regularly to recount his extraordinary story. Some people have recovered from all kinds of incurable diseases, cancer and other serious illnesses. That is what we deserve to find out for ourselves. What is possible for me? How will I heal physically and grow spiritually and how can I afford to miss out on aligning myself with all the opportunities that are available there?

Powerful healing entities are accessible at the Casa and the veil is very thin. This photo on the right, taken by Adrienne shows very clearly the two spirits with her. The opportunity to be cured of illness, free of pain, to have more energy, more love in our hearts, to be healthy and useful in the world is something we all wish for. One does not specifically have to be ill to receive the benefits.

Each of us knows in our hearts many things that are lost to our personality. Gifts of insight and intuition are sometimes easily available. Sickness can be overcome and the underlying spiritual causes can be healed. Relationships can be restored and peace can be found.
This is not the exclusive domain of the Casa but the facilitating work of the Casa Entities and the energy there gives us a very good chance of making the changes that sometimes seem impossible where we live. Going to the Casa does not give us rights to abandon sensible diets or discontinue medical treatment. On the contrary, when we return home we may discover many more options available to us to help us continue with our treatment and this may well be under the direction of the entities.

It's a beautiful place, with gorgeous tropical flowering trees, sunshine, rolling hills, a relaxed way of life, fresh air and maybe even a hammock. The food is fresh and healthy, good for vegetarians and carnivores alike. The village is tranquil and peaceful, the people welcoming and the Brazilian 'joie de vive', love of life, is infectious. There is the opportunity to participate in the community spirit of healing and make new friends. A journey into the unknown and thinking out of the box.


Dr.Oswaldo Cruz